Recognizing Life’s Imbalances

Once again, I find my life tilted too heavily toward one aspect, leaving others to fall by the wayside. Why can’t I work hard, play much and love a lot all at the same time? Putting forth excellence on the job shouldn’t necessarily consume personal time and diminish opportunities to spend moments with those I love or my favorite pastimes and passions; yet, it does.imbalance

As you may have noticed, it’s been several months since I’ve written a blog post. I enjoy putting my thoughts down and recording them for purposes of reflection and debate, but I have allowed myself to ignore this therapeutic and enjoyable aspect of my life. For what? Work?

I could easily lay blame there, but I don’t think I can point the finger at my occupation. Yes, I am a teacher, and we, in this profession, have a habit of overextending ourselves for the sake of others. Regardless, this cannot be an excuse. It’s too convenient to place blame on this aspect of my life. I am the one who chooses to spend time doing this thing or that.

It’s me. I need to make a concerted effort to carve out time in my weekly schedule (or lack there of)  for time with loved ones, my passioncalendar for playing soccer, writing and reading (non-school work),  and discovering new and interesting things.

I’ve allowed myself to simply react to the events and situations that enter my life, rather than grabbing each one by the reigns and putting it in its proper place. Thus, I am taking a proactive approach and will actually begin to use a scheduling calendar for things other than work responsibilities. The addition of personal pastimes and happenings will constantly remind me that there’s much more to life than work. pie-chartIt’s not that I don’t already know this, it’s just that I don’t act according to my belief in this sentiment.

If I truly value my loved ones, my passions, hobbies and personal interests, then they would be a constant part of my life. It’s not a matter of what I think, but what I do!

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