Random Ridiculousness Around The Web

Life’s not worth living without laughter. Humor heals and there’s no doubt that a good chuckle or two does wonders for the soul. It’s human to err, which means there’s plenty to laugh at out there. My fellow humans, myself included, have committed enough blunders to amuse the world a million times over. Maybe it’s bad karma to entertain oneself by watching others make fools of themselves, but I can’t resist a good blooper or two. Plus, I’m captivated by various oddities, ridiculous rarities and other general weirdness.

Recently, as I surfed the web I came across quite a bit of random ridiculousness. Often I prefer to stumble, but sometimes I just follow links without too much thought and see where I end up. I’m sure a better strategy is to follow links suggested by sites that interest me. Oh well, I got to fly by the seat of my pants from time to time. Anyway, I came across a random assortment of sites that had me grinning, laughing and giggling like a little kid caught in a nitrous oxide gas chamber and I thought I’d share them with you here.


This hilarious assortment of videos and pictures captures the most ridiculous failures and mishaps committed by mankind. It’s amazing how people can be so unawareatm security fail of such gross acts of stupidity. These stupers (short for remarkably stupid persons) provide the rest of us with endless entertainment and occasional annoyances. Fail Blog contains an immense list of such inane oddities and even lets people provide their own input with a FAIL vote. I’ve shared a few examples here, but be sure to check out the site for hours of viewing pleasure. Click the section title above to go to FAIL blog, part of the Cheezburger Network.

Autocomplete Me

Here’s another silly site, where they say “feeling lucky just got weirder.” In essence, autocompleteme.com compiles a list of unbelievably ridiculous suggestions from Google’s search bar autocomplete function. Like the time you wanted to search “how do you know if you’re dehydrated” but Google thought you wanted to find out “how do you know if you’re dead” instead. Huh? Yes. I’m not sure what algorithmic functions Google uses to generate the autocomplete, but they obviously don’t care what stupid searches rise to the top of the autocomplete suggestion list. Click the section title above to visit the Autocomplete Me homepage or feel free to vote on autocompleteme submissions. In the meantime, check these example out:

Totally Looks Like

Ever see someone or something and think, “Hey! That totally looks like…” We all do it to some degree; though, others may not always agree with our ability to accurately peg a doppelganger. As I paged through this site, the look alike comparisons were spot on and super funny. It just isn’t the striking similarities between two famous people that cracked me up, but also the amazing likeness an inanimate object had to a person.  I recommend checking out totalylookslike.com for plenty of silly laughs comparing famous folk to other people, cartoons, or various random objects. Like Fail Blog, Totally Looks Like is part of the Cheezburger Network. Here’s a few look alike samples that I think you’ll enjoy:

Yep Yep

Bored? Looking for a random collection of weird, silly and entertaining videos, pictures and articles? Spend “your daily waste of time” over at Yep Yep. Although it seems like there’s a million and one sites like this across the web, Yep Yep posts a stronger selection of the funniest oddities, ridiculous antics and plenty of WTF moments. There’s video of some fools that attached a rope from a car to a playground carousel, so they could use the car’s force to wind up the carousel to super speed and have an insanely ridiculous whirl. Have you ever seen a protester milk a cow as a weapon against riot police? Yep Yep has a photo of this and much more entertaining silliness. I particularly enjoy the pic-o-day roundup, which contains a ton of awesomely entertaining images. I’ve shared a couple of my favorites here. Hmmmm….who would’ve thought working at Home Depot and pole dancing could be depicted in the same way? An what’s with the boner mobile ad?

So, what do you think? Find these amusing? I’m always looking for more ways to have a good laugh or two, so if you know of any other entertaining oddities online, let me know. Please feel free to list a site or two with a comment.

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