Vote: What Do You See In These Optical Illusions?

We don’t always see the same thing, particularly when it comes to optical illusions. I’ve shared some classic illusions below and ask you to vote on what you saw first in each image. Honestly respond to the poll questions with your initial observation and then compare your results with other readers. Even if you’ve seen some of these on a prior occasion, just respond quickly without taking time to examine the pictures. See how your perceptions compare….

Well, I hope you enjoyed that experience. Images such as these illustrate my belief that a person’s perceived truth of a particular situation depends on the mind’s focus and one’s prior experiences. That in essence is the focus of this blog. Please read the conditional cognition about page for an in-depth explanation. If you’d like to further explore and experience how I demonstrate these phenomena, take this Awareness Test.

8 thoughts on “Vote: What Do You See In These Optical Illusions?

  1. Great post, and you are so correct about how perspective will change your perception in any given situation. I think that this is true not only from one person to the next, but also different in many situations, dependent upon that persons current level of awareness, emotional & mental state, etc.
    The poll was also a great idea – to be able to see the results, especially the last one with Good / Evil – Black/ White. That alone gives you plenty to ponder as well.


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