Questionnaire: How Was Your 2009?

Well, 2009 has reached its final days. While this may sadden some, others couldn’t wait soon enough for this moment to arrive. It seems like many more people experience lows than highs this year, but let’s see if that holds true among the conditional cognition readers. Respond to the series of questions below regarding your experience in 2009 (be sure to click the “vote” button after your selection). Then, you can compare results with others after each response. Maybe it wasn’t that bad for everyone after all. I guess we’ll see…

What do you have to say about 2009? What was the best of 2009? What was the worst of 2009? Use this comment thread to record some of your thoughts on the past year or feel free to respond with your opinion regarding the poll questions.

6 thoughts on “Questionnaire: How Was Your 2009?

  1. you are very advanced on this,

    the best thing ever happened to me is that I made friends, you are one of them, by blogging,
    worst of 2009 is that I have serious decisions to make upon unexpected events..
    thank you for the Q & A, have a graceful evening!


  2. @all: Happy New Year!!!

    @Martinia: I hope you have a wonderful 2010!

    @Jingle: Thanks, friend! Hopefully you’ll keep blogging in 2010 to make it a great year.

    @listedmal: I want to wish you well in this coming year and hope it’s filled with excitement times for you!


  3. A good year. I switched from typepad to wordpress. I lost 15 lbs. I got much better at fingerstyle guitar. My wife still loves me. My kids still respect me. My new business is rocking. I feel very fortunate. Here’s to 2010!


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