#1 Page and Top 3 Posts In 2009

As 2009 transitioned to 2010, I reflected on how the conditional cognition blog grew over the past year and decided to look over the handy WordPress.com stats to gather information to process. Since I review the stats fairly frequently to better understand how people get to this blog and peruse its pages, I wasn’t blown away by any surprises; yet, I do still think it’s worth sharing the info with my readers, particularly my new readership. 😉

Slang Flashcards – #1 Traffic Draw & Clicks of 2009

If you haven’t seen the Slang Flashcards page, it’s one of the “you got to check this out” sections of conditional cognition. You’ll get a good laugh, get crunk and freshen up your dope street-talk skills skillz. If you don’t want to be a tool and get dissed for using proper English or janky slang, visit this page to develop a lil’ bangin’ slizzang. Aiight?

Seriously, it’s a must see. Well, at least it’s something a bunch of people want to see. The top search term that brought people to this blog was “slang flashcards” and two of the other top five searches were variations of this phrase. Plus, once these people get to the slang flashcards page, they click on almost all the pictures. The top ten links clicked on this site in 2009 were all from the Slang Flashcards page and one of those links included Knock Knock, the funny people that created these cards along with other hilarious ones like corporate flashcards and sex flashcards.

Although I’m happy to have a bunch of people get to conditional cognition while searching the slang flashcards, I’m disappointed that the top search term draw doesn’t land people on a page or post with my original content.

Top 3 Posts of 2009

I aim to get the mind of the reader to look at things in a new light and attempt to get people to think deeply about how a person’s perceptions and experiences affect the reality that each individual experiences. In short, that’s what conditional cognition is about and I’m proud that the top three posts of 2009 hold true to this mission.

1. Feeling the Breeze: Dreadless – In this personal tale, I share my experiences wearing dreadlocks over a nine year period from DC to the OC. I went from being just another dude with dreads to being called Bob Marley all the time.

2. Yes! We’re Together! – My take on how people assume that my wife and I are not together when out in public, because she’s White and I’m Black. There’s a ton of interracial couples out there, but I don’t think it’s ingrained into the subconscious minds of Americans quite yet.

3. How Do You Know If You’re Dead – This clip is an unimaginably stupid 911 call that became an amazingly hilarious viral video that always makes me laugh. There’s a quote in the clip that got me thinking one day to publish this post with this particular question as the title. Listen carefully to the clip to discover the answer to this question. This is my top video from my Clips to Ponder page, where you can watch videos that amuse while you muse (also featured in the sidebar widget); though, I do believe a couple others are even better, like my personal favorite and highly recommended, Breakdown In Communication.

I hope you found something new here and have an opportunity to check these out. If you’d like more things to read on this blog, refer to the Suggested Posts to Read on the sidebar or the Archives.

So, what’s your favorite post from this site? I’m always curious to hear feedback from my readers.

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