Reentering the Blogosphere

Well, I made a bet with myself that I could stay out of the blog world for six moths and I did; yet, I don’t have that feeling of victory. Although I’m super happy and excited to be back, I feel a bit sad about the good times I could have had in the blogosphere over the past few months. I also feel like I may have disappointed or annoyed those that may be regular readers of conditional cognition. For that I am truly sorry. 😦 Although I achieved my goal of being free from blogs and blogging for half a year, looking back, I think I hastily took this hiatus.

Why? Why did I take this leave of absence?

Those that know me personally, understand that I have a tendency to immerse myself in certain things to a level where other aspects of my life fall by the wayside. Back in January, I had a couple people close to me share their concern that I have allowed my passion for reading, writing and discussing in the world of blogs consume my time and attention to the point they believed was unreasonable. In short, they said I was addicted: a blog junkie. Yikes!

I found this sort of classification to be somewhat comical and a bit outrageous. Granted, I did dedicate an inordinate amount of time to my blog and perusing other blogs and blog communities, but to be called an addict seemed a bit harsh. I should have just laughed it off and been inconsiderate or demonstrated relative restraint and cut back. No. That’s not how I let it play out. I let the stubborn, “I’ll show you” side of me take over. Instead of just toning things down a bit, I decided to go cold turkey to prove a point. If I was truly an addict, then this cut off method to stop “using” would be brutal and those close to me could observe the tell tale withdrawal symptoms.

So, was I overcome by massive headaches, cold sweats and the shakes? Nope. Maybe if I was on dope for real.

Now as I look back, I feel like the foolish decision I made to completely cut myself off from blogging seemed like it came from an actual drug addict (which I wasn’t, in case any readers have doubts…seriously).

I thoroughly enjoy writing posts, engaging in blog-based discussions, actively participating in blog communities and reading the marvelous works created by my peers across the blogosphere. In addition to the enjoyment, there’s a certain therapeutic element. On a prior occasion, I’ve been away from blogging due to excessive dedication to my career in education, but I changed that last blog sabbatical around by recognizing life’s imbalances. Then, this time around, I allowed myself to stay away intentionally. Duh? I did not take my own advice to creating balance in my life. One of my original blogging goals when I created conditional cognition was, “to hear from myself and actually pay attention to what’s on my mind.” If only I could consistently open my mind to fully register what my senses observe. We’ll see how it goes…

It’s good to be back! 🙂

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