Do You See What I See (in this rock)?

Take a moment to look at this picture I took of a rock from this cliff face on the St. Croix River. When we gaze upon the natural beauty of our world, we often see more than is actually there. Concentrate your visual perception and focus on the image below. Allow your imagination to carve a path in new directions. I let my mind wander as it attended to this picture and discovered a number of fascinating images within this rock. I’ve listed a few of my findings in the polls below the picture. Cast your vote to see if other readers encountered the same pictures within the picture that you spy with (or without) your mind’s eye.

(Click on the image to zoom in.)

What else do you see? List your discoveries with a comment.

13 thoughts on “Do You See What I See (in this rock)?

  1. CC, I seem to lack your vivid imagination. Your eagle looking at the sky looks more like a gorilla to me. Aside from that, what I mostly see are a few disembodied mouths and a lot of scrunched up faces.


  2. Hi CC, This is fun.
    On the far left, I see an Indian with a feather headdress, facing right, looking up.
    On the bottom, in the large crack I see a baby alligators head and back, facing left. (or T-rex)
    Above the alligator, I see a gorilla head, facing left.
    Back to back with the gorilla, I see Darth Vaders head, facing right.
    Under the Indians shoulder, I see George Washingtons head, facing right….just the top to his nose….
    Lots and lots of faces… a lion and more. :]


    1. I think I see your Indian, but no go on the alligator. I want to see this gorilla, because you’re the second person that’s seen it. I’m still looking for Vader and that makes 2 Star Wars characters so far. As far as GW and the lion go, no luck for me.


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