Mourning the Loss of My Domain Name

It’s been over a year since I’ve posted anything. In the summer of 2010, I went a period of time without home access to the Internet and made little to no effort to get online. Big mistake! As a result of my blatant lack of respect for keeping up to date on my electronic communications I missed the opportunity to renew ownership of my blog domain name. Ouch!

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Smoke Vulture Brains?

Need to win a wager? Just smoke some vulture brains.

That’s what South African gamblers have been doing to have visions of the future, whether they need to win the lotto, ace an exam or make decisions on how to develop a business. Now, with the World Cup in South Africa, this practice of consuming vulture brains seems to be garnering world wide attention as demand for vulture brain increases with all the bets being placed on the World Cup matches.

According to South African traditional medicine, muti, one can receive premonitions from smoking dried vulture brains. The ground bits of the birds’ brains are mixed with tobacco and then smoked to help the user predict future outcomes of life’s events. Apparently this stems from the fact that vultures fly high in the sky and have excellent vision, which helps them see clearly across great distances.  Supposedly, this optical attribute extends to seeing into the future as humans ingest the smoke of the vulture gray matter.

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Turn Signal Tactics

Why do so many drivers these days act as if they possess no common courtesy for others on the roadways? Does having control of a ton or more of motorized metal compel people to be pricks? Being behind the wheel turns off the kindness switch in so many people that I’d say we’re in the midst of an epidemic. It’s not something that afflicts everyone; yet, it occurs so frequently that I believe that we’re moving from pandemic phase five to the worldwide catastrophic phase six of aggressive automobile acrimony. I guess you could just call it road rage, but that would be too easy.

Well, over the past few years of my life, I’ve lived and driven in Washington, DC, southern California and now Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Driving in each of these three locations appears to be a hazard to one’s health and it’s due to the increasing number of selfish, power-tripping vehicular stupers (which is short for remarkably stupid persons). I’m particularly miffed by one inane driving behavior prevalent in all three of these areas: cutting off people who signal to turn into one’s lane. In these locales, tumultuous turn signal tactics are a daily occurrence and I have fallen victim to this punk-ass behavior far too many times.

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Did Someone Really Send That Text Message?

Sometimes we send text messages we wish hadn’t. It may have been due to a sudden emotional reaction, miss-dialing from your contacts, lack of thought, or something akin to drunk dialing. Whatever the reason, almost all of us have done it at some point during the time we’ve possessed a cell phone and ended up feeling like Little Miss Whoops.

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Eat Kangaroo To Save The Planet?

Roo steaks, buck burgers, joey ribs, boomer brisket and jill flank…all in the interest of carbon credits? After the completion of a recent study, a new kangaroos-surprisedproposal from the Canberra consultancy Australian Wildlife Services suggests moving towards the consumption of kangaroos as opposed to the non-native cattle and sheep on the continent.

In the National Geographic story, the study’s lead author, George Wilson, explains that kangaroos emit much less methane than sheep and cattle, because of their unique gut microbes. This government study found that “each cow produces 1.84 metric tons of greenhouse gas equivalents a year, and each sheep gives off more than 300 pounds (140 kilograms). Kangaroos, meanwhile, emit less than seven pounds (three kilograms) of greenhouse gases.” Although this would save 16 million tons of greenhouse gases annually, it’s only 3 percent of Australia’s total emission. According to Wilson, this would be worth $650 million Australian ($570 US) based on the current European carbon prices.

The EPA found that ruminant livestock (e.g. cattle, sheep, buffalo and goats) produce 80 Million metric tons of methane per year, almost a third of global methane production related to human-based causes. Cattle account for 20% of US methane emission. So what’s EPA’s suggestion to address this potentially climate-changing methane: more efficient farming practices. Huh? How about eating less beef?

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Choose Only 4 Of Your 86 Wives Or Die

Mohammed Bello Abubakar has over 170 children, many of which are older than his younger wives. It’s not surprising that he cannot even properly take care of his family and will ask his children to go and beg for money. What do you expect when you need more than 26 pounds of rice per meal and $900 dollars a day just for food?

The 84 year old Nigerian man claims that the Koran does not place a limit on how many wives a man can have as long as they are treated equally. He believes that God has given him the power to cope with over four score of wives. The Jamatu Nasril Islam (JNI) has concluded that this is not 4-wivesacceptable and that Mohammed must choose only four. If he does not comply he will face the death penalty, although it seems unlikely that it will be enforced.

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