I Will

I sit.



I watch.



I wait.



I will.

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Do You See What I See (in this rock)?

Take a moment to look at this picture I took of a rock from this cliff face on the St. Croix River. When we gaze upon the natural beauty of our world, we often see more than is actually there. Concentrate your visual perception and focus on the image below. Allow your imagination to carve a path in new directions. I let my mind wander as it attended to this picture and discovered a number of fascinating images within this rock. I’ve listed a few of my findings in the polls below the picture. Cast your vote to see if other readers encountered the same pictures within the picture that you spy with (or without) your mind’s eye.

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What’s Your Superpower?

We all have five senses (some say we have a sixth sense); yet, we don’t all have the same five senseslevel of capability when it comes to our use of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. Everyone has some level of heightened sensory perception with one or more of his or her senses and some diminished level of ability with others.

I clearly know my strengths and weaknesses regarding my means of perception. Ever since the sixth grade, I knew that perfect vision was something I couldn’t have without corrective lenses (or, the relatively recent development of LASIK). I’ve managed with glasses and contact lenses over the years, but I’ve always been envious of those with 20/20 vision, like my wife, cultural junkie.

I knew my vision was terrible, but I was taken aback during my last visit to the optometrist.

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