Slang Flashcards

Yo! Brush up on that slang down here, home slice!

Credit for the Slang Cards goes to Who’s There, Inc. Feel free to visit Knock Knock for more information on slang, corporate, therapy, and sex flashcards.

7 thoughts on “Slang Flashcards

    1. I know! I love these, too! That’s my favorite quote from this set of cards. A friend of mine had the whole pack and the one for “janky” was awesome! It was some prep school girl dissin’ another one by saying, “Those plaid knee high socks are janky!”


  1. Interesting…2nd flash card from above: The supposed Norwegian word “bugge” doesn’t even exist in the Norwegian dictionary. It is however the 322nd most common last name in Norway, although the origin of “bugge” is not known. Anyway, great cards.


    1. I appreciate you sharing that info. I’m always fascinated by word origins, but I never thought about what bugge may mean to Norwegians. If I recall correctly, I believe that the expression big ups is more commonly used in the Caribbean. It’s possible that someone from that region may have some insight into the etymology of this expression.


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