Canadian Roadblock

I love to drive! I enjoy the sporty feel of my car when I’m behind the wheel and cherish the exhilarating sensation of acceleration. I’m not reckless and keep my speed to a limit that will not endanger others; yet, I do like to punch it.

The other day, I was on my way to a friend’s place and didn’t need to get there at any particular time. I just needed to get there when I got there. No rush, but I still wanted to have a fun drive. I’m heading along a six lane highway at a reasonable pace, but I was stuck behind canadian roadblockwhat I’ve been told is a “Canadian roadblock.” That’s when all lanes of traffic in the same direction are traveling at the same speed. In this case, all three lanes in my direction had drivers moving along at 50 mph.

Now, this is not terribly slow, but the posted speed was 55 mph and people generally push the pace to 10 mph over the limit in southern California. Thus, I expect to have at least one lane moving at 65 mph.

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