How Many Lucky Chances Have You Had?

Check out this clip and pause for a moment to ponder. Feel free to comment.

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7 thoughts on “How Many Lucky Chances Have You Had?

  1. Absolutely amazing! I took note that most of these wondrous strokes of luck had to do with the operation of a motor vehicle.
    I can’t help but feel grateful when a near miss is successfully avoided.


    1. I know that feeling of being happy to be alive. Often people feel invincible when operating cars and motorbikes, but moments like the ones in the video remind us that things don’t always go so smoothly. Fortunately, many of us have been lucky to come away from close calls.


  2. There were a lot of near misses and complete misses. I liked how to cops showed up to the robbery right after it happened and they completely missed the robbers. There a lot of unbelievable things happening.


  3. @DetroitRich: The cops and robbers clip was definitely one of my top three on this video. Every major police department should use the clip as part of their basic training.

    @Jingle: I appreciate the compliment. Thanks and Happy New Year!


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